Quad Operator v1.0.4 firmware update


We are announcing a new firmware update, addressing some important issues. This firmware update is recommended for everyone!

Change list:

  • Reduce tracking error in 1 volt per octave tracking of “1v / oct” as well as “ratio 1”, “ratio 2”, “ratio 3”, “ratio 4” inputs in free mode.
  • Prevent VCA leaking by setting an operator’s VCA gain to true 0 for any input voltage below 50 mV on it’s “Gain X” CV input
  • Slightly widen “Detune” knobs virtual detents


I’m realizing this has some problems on the new Mac OS Catalina. Apple has become more aggressive about security measures, and is now preventing us from executing the copy of dfu-util that we include in the update package:

If you’re handy with a UNIX shell, you can obtain a copy of dfu-util yourself from http://dfu-util.sourceforge.net/. I personally use the brew package manager: brew install dfu-util, available here https://brew.sh/.

dfu-util -a 0 -d 0×0483:0xdf11 --dfuse-address 0x08000000:leave -D ~/Downloads/Quad\ Operator\ v1.0.4\ update/MAC_OS_X/firmware/quadop_v1.0.4.bin

This assumes you’ve unzipped the 1.0.4 update package in your Downloads folder. Please confirm that file path on the command line!

I’m looking for ways to work around this for less tech-y Catalina users, stay tuned!

im only getting a forbidden page. do ya think you could just post instructions here so we dont need to unlock them?

I’m not quite clear on what your issue is. Are you having trouble accessing the document? It should work fine with no credentials, perhaps you are on a restricted network (some work places block Dropbox for instance).

Here’s a quick PDF print of the instructions, some of the internal links inside the document are broken as a consequence but the essence of the process is captured:


so how long is the update supposed to take to flash? mine was done in a fraction of a second. does that sound right?

A fraction of a second seems quite fast, it should be more like a few seconds. The keep is that you see the following line of text amongst everything in the output (near the bottom):

File downloaded successfully

There’s an example output in the instructions

ok the window automatically closed.

do you think you could go over the update instructions again? they are sort of confusing. spell it out for us.

please? im seriously having troubles following the proceedure as written.

Hi solipsvs,

Can you provide some more feedback on what’s confusing about the instructions? We have done this exercise of working on making them more clear in the past, and unfortunately it’s not so obviously what to do–different customers have different problems understanding. It’s also possible to make them longer and more explicit some times, but that makes them more confusing in a different way. If you can tell me what you’re having trouble with, I can try to clarify it.

first of all, im locked out of dropbox for some reason. i get a message saying ‘forbidden’

for windows installation, we should download the driver after we are hooked up via usb and have performed the sysboot + reset? how much longer do we need to hold sysboot? by the way, i have selected ‘list all devices’ from the options menu inside zadig. nowhere can i find “STM32 BOOTLOADER”. does this mean im not in bootloader mode? how would i know? can i just do the sysboot and reset button thingy again? and then i presume i should be able to find stm32 bootloader in the list of available devices?

when i double click the .cmd file in the ‘windows directory‘, it flashes a command window for about 1/50th of a second. thats too fast for me to read anything. after that, i press reset again? no visual indication it did anything.

like i said, please spell it out for us

are other users having an easy go of it?

ok also doing it with dfuse demo, i cant find any available dfu devices no matter what i do. so should i quit and reopen after i do the sysboot + reset button thingy yet again? and also do i need to power cycle the unit when i do that?

would you consider trading mine out for an updated unit?, mine is recent and mint. and i love it btw

Hi solipsvs,

Thanks for the feedback. I’m working on some changes for the update instructions, which still need some work but are forthcoming. As for you issues at the moment:

According to your report about the window is closing very quickly, your update has not succeeded. It should take a few seconds at least for the script to complete when it has executed properly.

For your question about the SYSBOOT button, you only need to hold it for a brief extra moment after releasing the RESET button. Holding SYSBOOT for one extra second is fine. Once you’ve done that, you should see “STM32 BOOTLOADER” in the list in Zidag if the USB connection is functioning.

Since “STM32 BOOTLOADER” is not showing in Zidag, I think you probably have an improperly functioning connection via the micro USB cable. I sometimes have to fiddle with my USB cable connection at both ends to make the connection work. You might also be using a power-only micro USB, which will never work (I had such an experience recently). So, I also suggest trying another micro USB cable. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know for sure when a cable is power-only because it often not marked in any way on the cable. If you are able, I would try one that you have used for, say, transferring data to an Android phone or other device connectivity so you can be sure it’s functional for data.

i double checked my cable and its a data cable

so, any need to power cycle when doing sysboot/reset combo?


Hi Solipsvs,

Sorry to hear you’re still having difficulties here.

Do not power cycle after sysboot/reset combo, which will only but the Quad Operator in bootloader state temporarily. Power cycling will simply restore the Quad Operator to its normal mode of operation.

Even with a functioning data cable, I have found the USB connection can sometimes be a little problematic. If you have not tried already, I suggest fiddling with the connector attached to the Quad Operator some and trying again

i replied via email.

w00t will called me and my unit is now updated :grinning:

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Thanks, solipsvs. Glad we got you sorted out :smiley:

Folks, I moved the instructions over to Google Docs and am now hosting the downloading for the 1.0.4 update via shopify CDN, so anyone who may have had restrictions for downloading from Dropbox should no longer have issues.

Windows users–if you’ve been having problems with the update before now, I suggest re-downloading the update .zip from the instructions. There was a bug in the update script for a time that prevented it from working properly. It is now resolved in the latest download.

Mac OS Catalina users–I still owe you guys an update to the procedures. Apologies, Apple has done some new security lock down stuff that’s making it difficult to give you straightforward instructions (not that the instructions are that straightforward right now :frowning: ).

Here’s the new link:

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After updating the driver i could use my already often times used dfuse with the quad operator as well. Like method one is decribing, all went smooth and easy. Many thanks for the update i was waiting for this one:)

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