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Latest Firmware: Quad Operator v1.0.4 firmware update

Hello! We are announcing a new firmware update, addressing some important issues. This firmware update is recommended for everyone! Change list: Reduce tracking error in 1 volt per octave tracking of “1v / oct” as we…

19 May 22, 2020
The Humble Audio Manifesto

Published this today, it’s worth a read if you’re new to Humble Audio!

2 August 30, 2019
Welcome to the Humble Audio Community Discourse! 1 December 19, 2018
Can the Quad Operator do chaotic feedback sounds? 5 May 23, 2020
Link to manual pdf not in dropbox 1 May 8, 2020
CV Control over ModMatrix and DETUNE 2 December 8, 2019
Missing knobs on your Quad Operator or Algo? 1 November 4, 2019
Quad Operator Patch Videos 4 September 25, 2019