Idea for alternate tuning mode

I was thinking of an idea for an alternate tuning mode for the Quad Operator. It would take the QO to the next level for my usual use cases. Normally I use it in free mode, most of the time as a 2 carrier 2 modulator setup, and I usually find it quite hard to get the operators in tune with each other. I envision a mode where I can have all operators held at the exact same frequency governed by the course and fine tuning knobs (like in lock mode) but instead of having the ratio knob flip through the harmonic series it would flip through semitones while the ratio cv inputs would still track 1v/o. This would allow me to have a multi voice setup where the tunings are more exact, for example, 2 carriers that I can play polyphonically that are tuned exactly to each other and 2 modulators that I can tune relatively to the carriers flipping through semitones (I’m usually using octave up/down or 5ths). As for the detune knobs I would probably prefer to have them disabled to prioritize exact tuning.

I don’t know if something like this is even possible but I just wanted to throw the idea out there.