Have algo recall course/fine pitch?

Hi, I’ve been playing with QO with algo expander for a few days and loving it–except. It would be sooo lovely if the expander remembered the pitch knob setting as well. Without that, it seems to severely limit the usefulness of algo, since if different patches require a different frequency, you have to manually adjust it after switching to the saved patch.

Interesting! :thinking::face_with_monocle:

Welllll, good thing it’s software. I’ll have to think about this one though as it’s a somewhat different defined behavior, and I’m not sure it’s a strictly better idea of what a user would want to happen. I’m reluctant to make a change this significant for the product as a whole at this point, but it’s modifiable if any wants to try for themself!

Hey I didn’t know it was open source–that’s awesome!

It does occur to me…might it be just as valid, say, to put both the tuning knobs full CCW (or fully CW?) and do 100% of that via v/oct input? would that accomplish my goal just as well? or are there places you can only go using the knob?