Quad Operator Calibration

I followed the calibration procedure after updating to 1.02 and the results aren’t great. If I use a 5 octave range and tune so that the middle C is in tune, then the high C is quite sharp (better than flat, I know…), and the low C is a similar amount flat (better than sharp). About 50 cents out on my Korg Tuner. I tested the output of my quantizer which was the input, and it is very close to perfect.
The above relates to using the v/oct input. Using the operators in free mode the variance was similar but not as bad, maybe 35-40 cents.

Hi Lloyd, I’m here to help! Can you show me a picture of how you’ve got the module patched for calibration? Maybe I can pick out something that’s an issue.

As you suggest, I thought.

Hi Lloyd,

(Eek, sorry for the slow reply here. I must not be receive notifications for replies properly.)

Yep that looks correct. I’m not sure I have a good answer for you. Maybe we can talk directly and see if we can figure out a solution? It’s also possible there’s something wrong with this particular unit, perhaps we need to process a return.

One question—I take it the calibration was fine before you did the firmware update and ran the calibration?