No USB Port on my module

This is very weird, but I bought a Quad Operator used back in January on Reverb. I’ve been using it a lot but there’s a lot of drift in the pitch, so today I tried to update the firmware.

Surprisingly, my module does not seem to have a USB port on the back. Also, my unit doesn’t have the “AR FM” input on the front. Rather It has one labeled “IN EXT”.

Is this maybe some sort of prototype unit? Is it possible to do a firmware update on a unit that doesn’t have a USB port on it?

I’ve included a picture of the front and back so you can see what I’m talking about. Hoping you can help.

Interesting. This is actually a prototype unit that we cannot support because it’s an older revision of the hardware. Curious who sold it to you. You may have a reasonable claim that what you purchased on Reverb was misrepresented. Happy to follow up on that with you at

As for the firmware update, it’s been so long I don’t recall if we had a USB connector on here. It may have a position where one could be soldering on but we just didn’t do it since we could do firmwares via the JTAG on the board near the MCU. I also cannot recall whether we made revisions between this unit and the production hardware that would have affected whether the production firmware works. Unfortunately, we cannot provide support here, but you may have some luck if you’re handing with JTAG programmers.