Shape 1 input affecting oscillator 3 pitch

I’ve been having a lot of fun with this module but unfortunately this evening I’ve discovered an issue that was interfering with my patch.
CV into the shape 1 input is somehow affecting oscillator 3’s pitch. I’ve recorded a video demonstrating the issue which I’ll try to link to here.
As I hope you can see in the video, all mod pots in the matrix are fully CCW.

Thanks for the issue report. Sorry to see that you’re having problems with your unit :frowning: We take these seriously and warrant all purchases. If you’d like to process a replacement or return, we recommend working through your retailer with whom we can batch up and process any returns behind the scenes.

We are investigating a couple of similar reports, but this one feels somewhat different to those. If you would please answer the questions below, it may help us to determine the cause of the issue and appropriate resolution (including a replacement or return).

  • I take it this behavior is consistent after power cycling the unit? (Some reports indicate intermittent issues that are resolved by power cycling the unit)
  • Are other CVs and knobs behaving as expected? If not, can you provide further examples?


Hi Will, thanks for the quick reply.
The issue remains even after power cycling.
I’ve not yet found any other issues with the module, I can’t claim to have tried every possibility though.

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Thanks, matkins. One question for you—do you know for certain that the total current consumption of the modules in your rack is within the available amount of current provided by your rack’s power supply specification?

Yes, I tested this last night by placing the module into an empty mantis rack. The behaviour of the fault was exactly the same.