Quad operator Leaking VCAs


First of all I would like to congratulate the creator of this beast!
First thing I check on all my music equipment its the definition, power, and clarity of the low end. On this module there is plenty and can be sculpted with a lot of control and detail!

However, I noticed the on board vcas (gain) bleed even when patched.
Is this normal for the unit?


Hi Alex,

I traveling just now and cannot do explicit testing to refresh my memory, but I think I’d expect a little of this as implementation is now. It’s actually a virtual VCA applied in software so something can potentially be done to close better for non-zero but very low voltages (e.g., treat voltages below 50 mV as true 0). It’s something I’ll look into for a future firmware update.

Hey, thank you very much, closing them fully on future update would be great yeah!

I too am noticing this. What I love about the Quad is you don’t need to go through a VCA when patching as it has a built in digital VCA. However, it doesn’t fully close.

What is the progress on this (if any?)