Presets manager

Hi Guys
I enjoy my Quad Operator
I really hope that one day there would be a preset manager.
Not morphing between 2 preset but a banks of presets.
Something that could allow the user to select presets manually or CV and or Gate.

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Yeah, our visions are aligned. The horsepower on this board is pretty stretched as is, and coming up with sensible methods of CVing between full knob positions and handling knob movement grab an activate it kinda hard. I wanted to stick to my original intent and stay uncompromised—distill FM down to a pure tactile one knob per function essence with the main unit. the algo expander came along as an idea later and was too juicy not to pick. but i had to draw the line there.

that being said, new FM devices ideas with friends or humble audio solo are afoot. won’t be getting to the deeper thoughts just now, but it’s being noodled over!