Coarse and fine tune while being in free mode

do can someone please explain to me
why we have no control over the coarse
and fine tuning knobs in free mod likewise
for the 1v/OCT cv input. So whats the reason behind this limitation? Is there a way to be able to get controll over it in some form of a update or so… maybe?

Best vibes

Hi Chris,

In free mode, ignoring the master coarse and fine and 1v / oct inputs is intended behavior. This allows the operators to function totally independently of one another. The “ratio X” CV input becomes a 1v / octave control and the ratio knob becomes the continuous coarse tune (whereas in lock mode, it’s a sort of integer multiple fixed coarse tuning relative to the master tuning). Detune already functions well as a fine tuning, and retains its behavior in free mode. If all 4 operators are in free mode, the module effectively functions as 4 separate oscillators. Frequency modulation still works if you choose to use it, and can produce some pretty gnarly inharmonic results due to the lack of phase lock.

Thanks for awnsereing. But still i dont get why the Master coarse an fine tune lost their functionality when set to free mode, which i like a lot and most of the time on using it as prefered mode because of the slightly inharmonic beloved timbres.
Its a anoyng thing if i want all operators to transpose to have retune every one after transponing… This also is not even 100%recreatable, due to the wide detune range it is nearly impossible to retune exatly the way it was before… PLEASE give the knobs they true purpuse of making transopsing and fine tune in free mode easy achievable.

I agree, it would useful to have course & fine control all oscillators regardless of mode. I don’t see a logical reason not to tbh.


In free mode, ratio CV becomes a volt per octave control. This allows each of the 4 oscillators to be operated independently. This is the intended purpose of free mode. I’m not follow–what is it you’re hoping free mode would do that’s not possible in lock mode? Or maybe put another way, what is your intended use case or result?

If you like to track master coarse and fine and master “1v / oct”, there is of course lock mode. If you want to change to a relative tuning, you have ratio (which works in integer steps in lock mode) as well as detune allowing for inharmonic timbres. Those detune amounts range ± 6 semitones, which offers you the full range of tunings as you step through different ratio values.