Clicks and pops from output

Hi there! Occasionally I can hear lots of clicking and popping from the output of the Quad Operator. Usually I can make it disappear by turning my system off and on again, but it’s quite annoying none the less. Any idea what could be causing it? I’ll attach a soundbyte of it.

This is with only one cable attached to the Quad Operator (from output of operator 1), and no other modules in the system doing anything (apart from being turned on). I’ve tried with multiple cables, but once the glitching is there, it won’t turn off unless I turn off the system and turn it back on again.

Any ideas what could be causing it? :slight_smile:

It sounds like you probably have the original 1.0 firmware which exhibited issues like the ones you are describing. I recommend upgrading to the latest firmware! Let me know if that works out!

You can find info about the latest firmware:

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Ah, good to hear. I’ll check that out tomorrow. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hey Will - I’m still getting the odd low level clicks and pops. I thought the issue had gone but it seems there are still issues.

Hi KidYoshi,

Can you tell me more? Does it occur every time you turn the unit on? If not, is it mitigated when you restart the device?

No it’s random. It’s no where near as frequent as before the fix (which would be like 1 in 5 power ups)… maybe now it’s like 1 in 15 - but it happens and I have to power reset my system to get the output clean.

Thanks for the data point. We’re continuing to monitor reports and thinking about additional measures we can take in code to reduce/eliminate these.